Sat 23 May 2020 14:33

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Hi Rangers and Wolves. We hope you are all keeping well at this time.

The Club are constantly assessing the present situation and are following advice from the RFU, Hampshire RFU, World Rugby and the Government when it comes to the Clubhouse and to training.

At the present you can train with people from your own household OR you can train with ONE person not from your household, BUT MUST maintain social distance.

You should not share equipment or water bottles.

At the top of this article, the Coaching Team have posted some training guidance and drills that will support your conditioning and positional skills, so that we are ready to move forward when it is deemed to do so.

The overwriting thought is BE SAFE!


Further ideas will be posted over the next few weeks.

If there is anything you feel needs adding or you have some ideas that are working for you, let's share them!

 In the meantime work on your conditioning and STAY SAFE.


Dave Metcalfe


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