Message from IWRFC Committee.

With consideration for the present Covid position and our aim to continue to supply rugby opportunities for our members, we are requesting players and supporters to take a Lateral Flow Test within 36 hours of a home or away game.

We will be informing visiting sides of our actions.

The club only need informing, via Safeguarding Officer Dave Metcalfe, of any positive results that affect selection or any positive tests within 48 hours of being in the club environment, home or away. This information will be held in confidence and only used for the protection of other club members.

 We continue to look to keeping our club a safe environment and follow RFU and Government guidelines. If you have any concerns please address them to our Safeguarding Officer.

 If you and your family are forced to isolate, please remember the club is there to support.

We wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year.

Safeguarding Officer contact:  07887557511

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